Super Mario Games

Mario is invited to Princess Peach’s castle, and on his way notices a strange light in the grass. As he peers cautiously (Online Mobile Recharge) through the reeds, he sees a small, lost Luma. With the baby Luma tucked safely under his cap, Mario rushes on to the castle. But when he gets there, something unexpected is waiting for him.

Collect stars as Mario travels from galaxy to galaxy, working through various levels—sometimes upside-down, sometimes floating from place to place. Mario can also team up with his dinosaur buddy Yoshi, who adds a number of possibilities to the gravity-defying gameplay. Power-ups for Mario and Yoshi will give them new abilities to help platform to unreachable areas, or defeat strong enemies. Skilled players will want to collect Comet Metals to unlock harder levels with even more challenges. Play solo or partner up with a friend or family member as you prepare for liftoff and discovery!

Remember when you were a little kid and needed your friend or older sibling to beat a certain level for you in a video game? A guy in Los Angeles has been stuck for a while in Super Mario World and needs your help! In a post on Craigslist titled “Idiot Needed to beat Vanilla Dome in Super Mario World – SNES”, the person is offering compensation to anyone that can help him advance past the third stage of the Super Nintendo game:

Help plz.I can’t beat the Vanilla Dome in Super Mario World for SNES.

I’ve tried 476 times.

I officialy [sic] have “the fear.”

Need a random idiot to come over and do it for me.

The wizards are driving me insane. I’ve almost lost it completely.

Will provide whiskey and donuts.

Plz help me.

OK you’re stuck in the Vanilla Dome dude, who’s the idiot here? How can anyone who can’t even make it past Vanilla Dome think they’ll even stand a chance against Bowser, the Forest of Illusion, or even Cheese Bridge—which is the next stage!

The person doesn’t specify which level they are stuck on, although “the wizards are driving me insane” and one of the screenshots attached would suggest it’s Lemmy’s Castle, which can be pretty tricky with all the Magikoopas. There’s also a screenshot of a map that shows the player only making it as far as Vanilla Dome 3, which is a sooooooooper easy level. Tellingly, the third photo is of a busted SNES console.

But hey anyone wants to help this guy out, whiskey, donuts, and Super Mario World sure does sound like a good time at least!